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Segurança de rede como serviço

Network security as a service. What are the possibilities and products to add to your portfolio?

In the last 10 years security was one of the biggest inhibitors of digital transformation. There have been many cases with wide media coverage of security breaches, information leaks, data hijacking, and denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Nowadays we are faced with a situation of cat and mouse. Hackers or people with some malicious interest are always innovating with regard to their approaches and methodologies, while the security industry has […]

How to demonstrate to the customer that it is better to hire their Cloud Computing service than to renew their internal data center


How does the NOC service and Binario Cloud monitoring work?

Binario Cloud’s Network Operation Center (NOC) is our technical area with intelligent systems focused on generating alerts for any anomalies detected in our network or our clients’ networks. In addition to these systems, we have a team of experienced and highly trained professionals that work 24/7 monitoring in real time our data center and clients’ networks. To explain how NOC service and Binario Cloud monitoring work, it is important to […]

Voice over IP, IPTV, Monitoring / Video. Is your ISP prepared for this new reality?

Voice over IP, IPTV, Monitoring / Video. Is your ISP prepared for this new reality?If Binario Cloud said that IPTV, CCTV and VOIP in the cloud are becoming normal, would you know what we’re talking about IPTV, CCTV and VOIP solutions all consist of offering users the services of television, video surveillance and telephone calls over the internet. The question is: Is your ISP (Internet Service Provider) ready for this? […]
como a binario cloud pode estruturar sua nuvem

How Binario Cloud can set up and support the environment for you to sell Cloud Computing

Technology is more and more an essential part of our lives. When we wake up, the first things we do are: turn off the alarm clock, check WhatsApp, emails, check appointments, turn on our favorite podcast or playlist, all this using our smartphone and the internet. We are so used to this connected reality that not having internet access has become the exception. When we wake up we are connected, […]