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Qual a diferença entre um Data Center tradicional e Cloud Computing?

What is the difference between a traditional Data Center and Cloud Computing?

When it comes to Cloud Computing we still have people who have questions about it, but rest assured, as we delve deeper into this technology we realize that its concept is much simpler than we imagine. Cloud Computing refers to hardware that has a layer of software capable of virtualizing applications, and has an orchestrator that allows the management of this software layer responsible for virtualization. Now let\’s understand the […]

5 trends about Cloud Computing


Fashion v Trend v Macro Trend

Nowadays one of the most common questions we ask ourselves is: Is all that is happening in the market and echoing in the media just fashion, a new trend or are we changing the scenario for a new macro trend? First of all, we need to better understand the meaning of each one, so we can define what we are witnessing. Fashion is a period of approximately 1 year, there […]

Understand how a Hyper convergent solution works

Do you remember when companies started using specific hardware for networking, computing and storage? It was wonderful to have these machines inside our homes, supporting the operations and information needed to run the software. Over the years these storage machines with few mega and as big as rooms have gone through all this technological evolution that has grown exponentially and has now become a single hardware that occupies no less […]

Why is Binario Cloud different from other Cloud providers?

O que é Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is still a subject that raises many questions. We read and listen almost daily to data storage, cloud-based systems, services, products, streaming videos, music, applications and infrastructure that are in cloud computing environment. The main idea is to be able to access servers, files and data from anywhere in the world using the internet and making access to this content possible by several people from different locations, provided […]
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