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Journey to the Cloud: Everything you need to know.

When the need arises to make a big change in any area of the business, we often find resistance from one or more of the people involved. In some cases, this resistance is motivated by a frustrated experience that results in a negative memory and in others by a lack of knowledge about the new scenario, which leads to fear of the unknown. When we talk about using cloud computing, […]

Digital Transformation, Innovation center for your business.

Digital Transformation, Innovation center for your business. If you don\’t have an action plan on how to start your business’ digital transformation, this article will help you understand everything you need to know to start designing your strategy. Digital transformation places technology at the heart of the company\’s strategy, making technologies that are part of Industry 4.0 available to the team, adding solutions that increase productivity levels. One of the […]

Industry 4.0 – How is the Market Investing in Cloud Computing?


Economy, Agility and Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing could be the most cost-effective solution to scale your business, every entrepreneur and manager have a constant doubt: “How to scale and increase the profitability of my business?” Admittedly, increasing profitability requires continuous supervision and adjustments in all areas of the company. The good news is that in terms of technology and automation there is no shortage of alternatives to support scale and profitability in most operations. When […]

Turn Capex into Opex, improve the result and increase the performance of your services

We have seen a significant shift in various sectors of the economy, especially regarding investment. Until recently, companies have shown a certain predilection for having their balance sheet full of goods and assets, however, in recent years we have seen companies seeking to meet their demand, consuming the capital strictly necessary for such a solution. Before going further into this topic, I believe it is valid to share the concept […]

What does organizations agile model have to do with Cloud Computing?

It is a fact that all sectors seek to make their production process increasingly efficient, agile and lean. We identify the beginning of this movement looking at the theory of Scientific Administration, known as Taylorism, which consists of the study of time and movement, and used for productive development, proposing that each worker focuses on the execution of a single task. Later we saw the emergence of Fordism, created by […]
Porque a nuvem híbrida é a nova realidade?

Why is Hybrid Cloud a new reality?

Much has been said about Cloud Computing, its possibilities and applications. Having such a broad concept, the challenges for the Cloud Professional is great, especially for being responsible for scaling, deploying and supporting the Cloud environment in companies. In general, we observe that one of the main concerns of IT is not to negatively impact the end user, especially those who use applications such as management software, ERP, intranet, CRM […]
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