Get to know the Cloud Computing solutions offered by Binario Cloud. We have the ideal solution for your need.

Private Cloud - The Box

The Box is the ideal solution your business needs to set up a Private Cloud.  It combines the agility and flexibility that cloud solutions bring with a secure environment of an on premisses infrastructure. 

The box is a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) that delivers all in one: Compute, Storage and network all managed with a user friendly interface, BCOS.

Up to 30% less power consumption

+40% reduction in operational cost

+60% more performance


Public Cloud - Data Center

Grow your business with our powerful compute services and the best service support available. 

The Binario Cloud Data Center exists so you can have a partner that understands and meets the requirements and particularities of your company. With a team of experts focused entirely on the management and evolution of the available environments and resources, with our service you can focus on what really matters: Your business!

Possibility of contracting a dedicated link

Hiring and invoicing in reais (in Brazil)

Friendly interface for management and visualization of any environment

Hybrid Cloud

Disaster Recovery, backup, load balance and scalability is what you will get with Binario Hybrid Cloud Computing solution. Designed to meet the most critical requirements in the IT architecture. You will have your internal applications running locally, with the ability to scale at peak times to suit your demand. Binario Cloud Hybrid solution can manage your on premise infrastructure combined with our public cloud through a singular interface. 

on premise

Comply with on premise obligation


Simplified management with friendly interface

Binario Cloud Storage

Binario Cloud offers a secure scalable cloud based storage service. All the main technologies your business needs: Block, Object and File System, managed by a simple interface or API. 

Pay as you go

Multiple Backup services

High Performance, Security and Availability